Cremation Memorial Jewelry, Large Cushion Pendant


The large cushion measures 1 1/2″ by 1 1/4″.

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Due to federal regulations on shipping cremains of either human or animal shipping is a flat rate of $40.00 for any order. This includes the cremains collection kit being returned to us and your jewelry being shipped to you.

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Cremation Memorial Jewelry

Cremation Memorial Jewelry Large Cushion Pendant is unique, as we use rippled dichroic glass which makes for a One of a kind piece of  Jewelry, Dichroic glass is textured in a way that no two pieces are alike. Ashes are artistically displayed in-between Fused Rippled Dichroic glass and Clear top glass. Then set in Cast solid .925 Silver or 18 kt Gold. Pick out your favorite color Dichroic glass, Thus creating a stunning piece of cremation jewelry to memorialize your loved one. 

Large Cushion Pendant

Large Cushion Pendant is made with Dichroic glass that is made with Multiple ultra-thin layers of different metals (such as gold or silver); oxides of such metals as titanium, chromium, aluminum, zirconium, or magnesium; or silica is vaporized by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber. Furthermore, The vapor then condenses on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure. Protective layers of quartz crystal are sometimes added. Consequently, other variants of such coatings are also possible. Hence the finished glass can have as many as 30 to 50 layers of these materials, While the thickness of the total coating is approximately 30 to 35 millionths of an inch.  Coatings that are created are very similar to a gemstone and, by careful control of thickness, different colors may be obtained.

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Consequently, choose a from our Color Selection:

Sunset Pink, Sunset Red, Sandy Salmon,

Ice Blue, Savanna Green, Sea Blue, African Violet,

Sunset Pink Color Choice
Sunset Pink
Sunset Red Dichroic glass
Sunset Red
Sandy Salmon Color choice
Sandy Salmon
Ice Blue Color Choice
Ice Blue
Savanna Green
Sea Blue Color Choice
Sea Blue
African Violet Color Choice
African Violet

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Silver, Gold


Sunset Pink, Sunset Red, Sandy Salmon, Ice Blue, Savannah Green, Sea Blue, African Violet


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