Loss of a child

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    Share your experience strength and hope about the loss of your child.


    Teddy Bear

    It’s my very favorite place.
    I feel closer to you there.
    We rock the hours away.
    Me and your Teddy Bear.

    The rocking chair is squeaking,
    as rocking chairs will do.
    I pretend the one I’m holding
    isn’t Teddy Bear, but you.

    I miss your little chubby cheeks.
    They were so fun to kiss.
    Cuddling you, and hearing you goo
    are among the things I miss.

    Precious memories of you linger.
    My child, I miss you so.
    I hope one day my heart will heal.
    It’s hard to let you go.

    When in time God calls me home
    to be with you up there;
    With joy, I’ll hold you in my arms
    instead of Teddy Bear.


    The Cord

    We are connected,
    My child and I, by
    An invisible cord
    Not seen by the eye.

    It’s not like the cord
    That connects us ’til birth
    This cord can’t been seen
    By any on Earth.

    This cord does it’s work
    Right from the start.
    It binds us together
    Attached to my heart.

    I know that it’s there
    Though no one can see
    The invisible cord
    From my child to me.

    The strength of this cord
    Is hard to describe.
    It can’t be destroyed
    It can’t be denied.

    It’s stronger than any cord
    Man could create
    It withstands the test
    Can hold any weight.

    And though you are gone,
    Though you’re not here with me,
    The cord is still there
    But no one can see.

    It pulls at my heart
    I am bruised…I am sore,
    But this cord is my lifeline
    As never before.

    I am thankful that God
    Connects us this way
    A mother and child
    Death can’t take it away!

    Written by Amy Merrick when her 14-month-old daughter passed away from a brain aneurysm in 1992


    Teardrops are falling. We embrace this sad day.
    A sweet little baby has just passed away.
    So perfect his spirit, so perfect his love,
    So perfect a gift from a Father above.

    Our child, your family is grieving this day,
    In our hearts, God has told us why you couldn’t stay.
    A spirit so special, so perfect, and pure,
    should not have the trials of this life to endure.

    You wanted a family, that’s why you came.
    To be loved on earth, and given a name.
    Then back to our Heavenly Father you went,
    fulfilling the mission for which you were sent.

    Although our grief is heavy this day,
    we know you are happy, and not far away.
    Loved ones have gathered close to your side.
    Life is Eternal… you’ve really not died.

    Know that we love you with all of our heart.
    We’ll see you our dear one when this life we part.
    Save us a place where we’ll be close to you,
    and in joy, we’ll embrace, as our love we renew.

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